Create Custom Prompts

Create Custom Prompts

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If you have recurring tasks for which there are no suitable prompts yet, you can create and save your own prompts. For example, if you’re a law firm and multiple attorneys from the firm use the PLAI service, other attorneys can also see and use the prompt you created with their login.

Click on + to create a new prompt.

To create your own prompt, please click on the plus icon in the dialog box. This opens an input mask with the fields “Prompt Title,” “Prompt Description,” “Prompt Instruction to the AI Model,” and “Prompt Task.”

Prompt Title: Give your prompt a recognizable name, such as “Create Broker Agreement.”

Prompt Description: Describe what this prompt is about so that you and colleagues know exactly what cases the prompt is intended for later. This description is for your better understanding; the text is not passed on to the AI.

Prompt Instruction to the AI Model: Here you explain to the LLM what role it should take on (e.g., “You are a lawyer in my firm responsible for labor law cases…”) and how it should handle the task (e.g., “Write in a way that is understandable for laypeople and…”).