Benefit from efficiency gains ranging from 30% to 85% depending on the use case with our AI-assistance system.

Prime Legal AI combines a pre-trained semantic legal search with over 900 million tokens with the most powerful language models (LLM). By anonymizing data and ensuring data parsimony, the system complies with all professional and data protection regulations. This allows you to securely work with your own data in the cloud and with AI. Plai Legal AI's extensive prompt library supports many out-of-the-box use cases in legal departments or law firms. The semantic search ensures that the hallucination of language models is reduced to almost zero.

Law Firms

Lawyers can provide more comprehensive advice because the time spent on research, legal assessment, and drafting pleadings and contracts is drastically reduced. Users report time savings of up to 85% upon the first use of the software. You can pass on this time and cost advantage to your clients and, together with us, develop entirely new services.

Legal Departments

Whether it’s compliance, data protection, legal, or virtual lawyer applications, you get precise results and writings from your stored documents, emails, and other data for individual case processing. Finally, efficiently share knowledge from these resources and allocate your employees to more productive tasks. Customers report a reduction in the processing of repetitive cases by up to 60%.

Courts and Administration

Our anonymization software, Prime Legal AI Anonymizer, reliably removes personal and company-related data from texts but retains quotations from case law and literature. This ensures that documents remain meaningful and readable.


Save time and effort

Prime Legal AI facilitates your daily legal work, allowing you to focus on the truly important matters. Whether in research, answering and processing legal cases, drafting pleadings, reviewing or creating contracts, Prime Legal AI creates facts that you often only need to verify and use directly or supplement. Your existing work and over 300,000 real legal consultations contribute to the result, so you never have to do something twice.

Professional language or understandable for laypeople?

Prime Legal AI can write legal opinions in professional language or orient responses to legal questions and texts directed to clients in language understandable for legal laypeople. The linguistic quality is so good that the texts can be adopted without editing, and you only need to review and potentially adjust the content.

Selection of the best LLM

Prime Legal AI is not limited to a specific Large Language Model but integrates the best available language models. A Large Language Model is a machine learning network trained with data inputs and outputs. You can switch between models freely and achieve the best results for yourself. Crucial for good results is also how you instruct the model, and you benefit from our predefined instructions (prompts) for different legal requirements but can also create and save your own prompts.

We protect your data

Your data and your clients’ data are secure and treated in compliance with data protection. In addition, with Prime Legal AI, you have a powerful tool for anonymizing texts and documents. Anonymization, i.e., the redaction or obscuring of personal and company-related data, is an absolute prerequisite for the secure use of your data sets. You decide which type of data in your documents should be redacted and pseudonymized.

Get the most out of your legal work with Prime Legal AI

Save time and effort in your daily work and focus on the essentials. With Prime Legal AI, you’ll never do the same work twice, saving you from tedious customizations and leveraging AI expertise from hundreds of thousands of legal consultations applied to your specific case.

Prime Legal can, among other things:

– Answer legal questions and client cases
– Review contracts and clauses
– Generate complaints and responses based on your data
– Create pleadings and contracts based on your data Analyze judgments, summarize, and apply to your case
– Analyze documents, summarize, and apply to your case
– Create legal texts of all kinds
– Anonymize texts and documents

Our Products

Prime Legal AI 2GO

2GO answers complex legal questions and cases, reviews contracts and clauses, and creates legal texts of all kinds. The answers can be in professional language or understandable for legal laypeople. Based on over 300,000 legal consultations from over 50 legal areas and over 250,000 court decisions. Compliant with professional and data protection regulations through integrated anonymization. Ready to use, no need for your own data.

Prime Legal AI Associate

Utilize the entire expertise of your firm for your legal work and create high-quality opinions, pleadings, complaints, and contracts at unprecedented speed and quality. Compliant with professional and data protection regulations through integrated anonymization.

Prime Legal AI Anonymizer

Legal documents in common text formats (PDF, docx, txt, etc.) in German and English are anonymized on-premise, and sensitive areas are redacted. Based on your requirements, names (individuals and/or companies), addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers, and more are erased from your documents and can be shared and used in compliance with data protection. Soon: Possible pseudonymization of sensitive data to keep the text readable.

Data Protection

We take data protection seriously. Our systems comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Using machine learning, we anonymize your data in advance. You can use our trained data model and still retain control over your data.

QNC GmbH – Legal Tech Pionier

We have built our software, Prime Legal AI, step by step, acquiring expertise in processing legal data over the years. Initially, we trained our algorithm with our own data sets from over 16 years of legal counseling. Now we provide precise, comprehensive, and context-specific results – even with your data.

„Artificial intelligence does not mean the end of jurisprudence. Instead, we provide our customers with software that allows them to save time on research and repetitive tasks, delivering more relevant results instantly. There will still be a need for people to work with these results, individuals who understand, apply, and further develop the law.”

Michael Friedmann, CEO @,,


Please contact us about Prime Legal AI Associate pricing.

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€ 100/ mo.

  • 50 requests / Month
  • €2.00 / request
  • Unlimited access in the first month.

2Go Medium

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€ 250 / mo.

  • 150 requests / Month
  • 1,67€ / request
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2Go Large

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375  / mo.

  • 250 requests / Month
  • 1,50€ / requests
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2Go Unlimited

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500 / mo.

  • Unlimited requests
  • 0,00€ / request
  • Unlimited requests every month